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You are uniquely made. Your jewelry should be too.

Feminine, delicate, collectible jewelry handmade in Hawaii.

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This Season


What if you could be immersed in paradise everyday surrounded by all things heavenly, sunny, and floral? That’s the question that inspired my Spring/Summer 2018 line:

The Cielo Collection 

Featuring elements straight from Hawaii, the Pacific island region, and the Caribbean. Colorful Sea-glass, Olivine, gorgeous Tahitian pearls, gemstones of spring and summer, and tropical floral charms. This jewelry collection is reminiscent of the tropics with a heavenly semblance.  Women should have the freedom to feel the bliss of paradise, the invigoration of an ocean breeze, and the warmth of the sun everyday of the year.

This collection will grant you liberty to adorn yourself in the essence of paradise.

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